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Individual Training

At Bespoken, we are passionate about helping you speak your story, find your voice, and communicate consciously and confidently. We craft a process entirely for you from the ground up to give you more control over your communication style.

1:1 training is the most effective way to improve communication and presentation skills:

  • Three 60-to-90-minute sessions over one month
  • Personalized tools to optimize your voice
  • Process customized based on your needs and timeline
  • Unlimited communication via email
  • Training in-person or via Skype
  • Ideal for leaders, professionals and co-founders


  • Ally Tubis, VP, Data Science

    Ally Tubis, VP, Data Science

    Bespoken showed me that public speaking is a craft that can be perfected with practice. Leah was always there for me, and provided strategies for me to be successful even after our sessions. She just wants her clients to succeed and to support them in anyway they need. Having her support in preparing verbally, physically and emotionally for the presentation was a better experience than I could have imagined and I highly recommend working with Leah.

  • Anna Nerezova, Analyst, Performance and Optimization

    Anna Nerezova, Analyst, Performance and Optimization

    The best career move I've ever made is to work together with the brilliant Leah Bonvissuto. It's been so inspiring and rewarding to unlock the keys to delivering powerful presentations and mastering public speaking. The sessions and time I spent with Leah were truly priceless.

  • Danny Trujillo

    Danny Trujillo

    I hired Leah to come in and help us become confident and efficient communicators and I got more than I bargained for! I had an amazing experience, as did my team. We blew out our monthly goal for the first time since we opened!

  • Channing Berry, Regional Manager

    Channing Berry, Regional Manager

    This course really gets to the core of each individual and how they communicate.  I feel armed with the ability to recognize challenges and the tools to tackle communication challenges and become a more effective communicator. Thanks Leah!

  • MBA Student

    MBA Student

    It really felt like it was crafted for me. I’m incredibly more confident.

  • Emily May, Executive Director

    Emily May, Executive Director

    Jackie got me to clarify my goals, hone my “big idea,” and leverage my soul-power into a killer TED talk

  • Jamie Lewin, Senior Global Design Director

    Jamie Lewin, Senior Global Design Director

    The confidence I have now for print and video interviews compared to prior to working with Jackie is really invaluable.

  • Alexis Sypek

    Alexis Sypek

    After working with Leah I feel more confident and capable leading and presenting.