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Group Training

Our progressive approach to professional development arms employees with effective communication and presentation skills through interactive, on-your-feet training programs designed to transform staff members into spokespeople. We are based in New York City but happy to travel (additional charges may apply).

Workshops are the heart of our work where every participant receives live coaching.

  • An on-your-feet, fully immersive experience
  • In-the-moment, personalized feedback
  • Ideal for groups up to 20

Presentations are a galvanizing experience for larger groups.

  • Interactivity is volunteer-based rather than immersive
  • Good for off-sites, company-wide meetings and keynotes
  • Ideal for groups of 20+


  • Brian Schechter, CEO

    Brian Schechter, CEO

    Leah turbo-charged our team's focus and enthusiasm while giving them concrete tips on how to make every interaction with customers count. The team is raving about their experience, standing tall, speaking powerfully and connecting with each other in new ways.

  • Danny Trujillo

    Danny Trujillo

    I hired Leah to come in and help us become confident and efficient communicators and I got more than I bargained for! I had an amazing experience, as did my team. We blew out our monthly goal for the first time since we opened!

  • Participant, Women’s Group

    Participant, Women’s Group

    This opened up doors of thought and helped me to critically evaluate my feelings, habits and inclinations.

  • Participant, Women + Allies Group

    Participant, Women + Allies Group

    Very informative and interactive with good and easy techniques to remember. 

  • John Viscardi, Executive Vice President

    John Viscardi, Executive Vice President

    I think the team derived immense value from learning each other's perception of themselves and each other. I believe we have grown closer as a result.

  • Lauren Lipsky, Manager of NYU Alumni Career Programs

    Lauren Lipsky, Manager of NYU Alumni Career Programs

    Jackie led an incredible workshop that provided participants with a new and fresh perspective on effective communication. The opportunity to practice in person and get real-time feedback was invaluable.

  • Jessica Mack, Senior Director, Advocacy & Communications

    Jessica Mack, Senior Director, Advocacy & Communications

    It was totally energizing and SO hugely helpful.

  • Sales Development Rep

    Sales Development Rep

    I loved it and can't wait to apply these skills. Extremely impressed at the engagement kept throughout. Did not feel like we were in here for hours. So appreciative of this training.

  • Amy Rothberger, Confirmatory Typing Manager

    Amy Rothberger, Confirmatory Typing Manager

    Was a great team-building exercise and I would definitely recommend to other agencies!