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How to Bespoken

How to Bespoken

At Bespoken, we help people across all industries speak powerfully, particularly in high-pressure situations. Our work is interactive and collaborative, but also highly personalized, which can make describing what we do challenging. We’re excited to be tackling the art of making human connection–possibly the most gratifying experience there is–and each connection we forge teaches us more about the work ourselves. In the first part of this series, we describe our process in order to give you an inside look into the way we work.

Our Mission

We help you speak powerfully and purposefully through customized coaching designed to harness your unique ability to communicate in any situation. We believe everyone has an innate ability to communicate when given the tools to do so. We employ proactive and practical theater techniques to help you optimize the connection you make with your audience and to give you more control over the impression you make.

Our Clients

We work across many different industries but our clients have one thing in common–they each have something to communicate in a verbal context, whether that’s presenting, pitching, networking, interviewing, etc. We help them be better communicators internally with colleagues and externally with clients.

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs looking to hone a presentation; filmmakers pitching a grant maker for additional funds to finish a project; executive directors looking to improve leadership and communication skills; members of the healthcare sector  imparting sensitive information telephonically; and freelancers at a co-working space seeking tips for networking in high-pressure situations.

Our Structure

When working one-on-one, we meet over multiple sessions to identify and hone a specific communication challenge. Goals are usually achieved in three-to-five 1-hour sessions.

In our masterclasses, a small group (i.e., freelancers at a co-working space) gets a Bespoken primer. Masterclasses usually run 1.5-to-3 hours and can accommodate up to 12 participants. We also collaborate with organizations to meet their specific needs through customized internal workshops.

Host a masterclass at your organization
Host a masterclass at your organization

Regardless of the structure, you leave with a conversational narrative that’s authentic, tools to help you relax when speaking in front of a crowd, control over the way you present yourself, confidence in your communication style and command of your vocal and physical choices. We help you articulate your unique perspective. We help you find your literal and metaphorical voice. We give you more control over the way you present yourself and your ideas. We teach you how to be your best self in the moments that matter most.

Our Process

At Bespoken, we first help you dissect, organize and shape your ideas. We then train you to make powerful verbal and physical choices to support those ideas and together we develop and ingrain personalized techniques, tips and tricks to help you commit to those choices in high-pressure situations.

We begin with an intake meeting to discuss challenges, goals and logistics and to make sure the process and purpose of the work is understood. Guided by the fundamental creative process of making theater, we work through three phases:

  1. Craft It – Together, we identify the audience and craft a distinctive message that articulates your vision.
  2. Work It – On your feet, you learn how to use your voice and body to engage your audience.
  3. Own It – Through rehearsal and situational role-play, techniques are refined and ingrained.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you own the room, speak from the heart and free your mind!

Own the Room at WeWork on August 6th

Own the Room at WeWork on August 6th

(This event is only available to WeWork members. Have you been to a WeWork? They are beautiful (and super convenient) co-working spaces offering community programming (like our event below!) to freelancers and startups. Check them out!) 

How did your last pitch or team meeting go?  Did you communicate your ideas effectively, or did you leave feeling like the experience was in control of you instead of the other way around?  Like with most things, you only get better at the things you practice and you get better faster practicing with people who understand the challenges that come with networking, pitching, and presenting.

Join us on August 6th at WeWork Empire State for our interactive, on-your-feet Own the Room masterclass where you’ll learn proactive techniques to improve your vocal command and physical presence. You’ll leave with personalized, in-the-moment feedback to help you speak confidently and authentically in any situation.

Click here to register – space is extremely limited!

Own the Room at SoTechie Spaces on August 3rd

Own the Room at SoTechie Spaces on August 3rd

What happens to you before making a pitch? Sweaty hands? Shaky voice? Inability to connect your thoughts to your words? In our Own the Room master class, we give participants customized, immediate feedback to beat nerves and confidently pitch your work authentically and powerfully.

Join us on August 3rd at SoTechie Spaces for our Own the Room Master Class. Harness what makes you uniquely qualified to pitch your work in a way no one else can. Our Own the Room master class will teach you practical and proactive techniques to improve your vocal command and presence. Participants act as each other’s audience as we give you personalized, in-the-moment feedback to help you craft the impression you want to make, no matter the stakes. Click here to register to reserve your spot — there are only a few spots left. See you on the third!